Last Bride Standing Bridal Contest Credits

Last Bride Standing is a division of Long Valley Productions, Inc.

It is a contest where Brides-to-Be compete against each other to win a wedding of over $100,000 in Wedding Packages including a free 250 person Wedding reception. All they have to do is BE THE LAST ONE STANDING with their hand on the wall. This contest can last FIVE DAYS! There are elimination and bonus rounds for instant prizing.

There is drama, there is excitement. This is the most tense contest you have ever seen. BRIDEZILLA?

You haven't seen anything yet.Last Bride Standing, bridal reality show is a compelling Event, TV series and Movie.

This site is dedicated to Gabriela, Christopher, Julian, Natasha, Chloe Parentela

Creator: Carlo Parentela
Executive Producer: Carlo Parentela
Asst. Executive in Charge of Production: Lexy White
General Manager in charge of the Contest: Clara Medeiros
Challenge Coordinator: Vera Milosevic
Director: Carlo Parentela
Hosts: Tianna Nori, Aly Tropea and Eleni Nicoletta
Assistant to the Executive Producer: The Long Valley Productions team
Nina A. Greco, Nina S. Greco, Teale Malek, Chantelle McLeod, Jeffrey Wong


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2nd Prize Details
3rd Prize Details
48 Hour Participation Prize Details
72 Hour Participation Prize Details
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