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Bridal Reality Show - Last Bride Standing

This is a contest where Brides-to-Be compete against each other to win a wedding of over $100,000 in Wedding Packages including a free 250 person Wedding at Le Jardin Conference & Event Centre. All they have to do is BE THE LAST ONE STANDING with their hand on the wall. This contest can last DAYS! There are elimination and bonus rounds for instant prizing. There is drama, there is excitement. This is the most tense contest you have ever seen. BRIDEZILLA? You haven't seen anything yet. Last Bride Standing is a compelling event, TV series and DocuDrama Movie.

See the real life tension between the coaching fiancée who is there to support his future bride who is struggling to hang on to win over $60,000 in first prizes, is an incredible amount of money in prizes. Couple after couple after couple, all competing for the same thing, the chance to have their enchanted fairy tale wedding in the Castle (Chateau) known as Le Jardin. Does the prince have what it takes to support his princess, does the princess have the stamina to last this contest, their marriage to be, their life together? Can they survive this arduous task together, with their families and friends supporting them in the audience? Will the competing couples be civil with one another or will there be an all out brawl. What makes for a long and prosperous marriage, Stamina? Physical strength? Mental strength? Stability? Honesty? Partnership support? Respect?

Let's see for ourselves what conquers all, is it love or is it something else?

Do not miss this unprecedented world event where teams of bridal couples try to out do each other physically and mentally. Watch the challenges, the controversy that unfolds when senses diminish with lack of sleep and true character unfolds. Support your favourites and languish in the raw emotion that lets loose. Be prepared for The Last Bride Standing.

1st Prize - $66,000 in Prizes Details
2nd Prize - $14,300 in Prizes Details
3rd Prize - $5,500 in Prizes Details
48 Hour Participation Prize Details
72 Hour Participation Prize Details

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